Public Enemies

Michael Manns epic gangster drama. Depp is as enigmatic as ever, the handheld camera seemed out of place for a period movie but it was well directed and tense in the right places. Cinema Colour ***

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X-Men Origins – Wolverine

Here we get the story of Wolverine and how he came to be. Well, almost – not much about how he came to have those cooool claw thingys but lots of back story on the brotherly love side of things and how he was experimented upon etc. I wasn’t expecting too much but it was […]

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Dead Silence

Pretty creepy horror about ventriloquists dolls. You gotta admit they are scary things at times… This follows a series of gruesome murders and the link via an old lady who was a vent and her dolls. Kinda cool. Not too cheesy and with a really great twist at the end. Sky Player Colour ****

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