Control Room

Excellent documentary that follows the Al Jazeera TV network just before and during the iraq war. Based at the media HQ it is scary to see firsthand the stories unfolding and the spinning and staging that took place. DVD (in Krakow, Poland)Colour*****

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Street Theatre

Doc that interviews various street entertainers during a canadian festival. You also get to see some of their acts and there is some good stuff in it! DVD (in Krakow, Poland)Colour****

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Yeah!Bruce Willis is an old hostage negotiator who is drawn into a situation he doesn’t want to be involved with. Some kids take hostage the inhabitants of a large house, unfortunately it’s a house that’s also wanted by some nasty crime lords. Lucky Bruce is around to save the day! UGC CinemasColour***

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Melinda & Melinda

Great Woody Allen movie about how you look at life.It starts with some people in a restaurant who are discussing a situation and whether it would make a good comedy or a tragedy – the rest of the movie is that story but from both points of view… Old Woody is on top form here. […]

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The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea??? Yep. That’s right and here’s his big screen outing with some plot about saving King Neptune’s king and the grand opening of the Krusty Krab 2 restaurant. The opening scene with the Pirates is great and when David Hasselhoff show’s up to save the day it’s ace. […]

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CGI Kids Movie about a gang of robots who are scared of being made obsolete by big nasty shiny robot who’s evil mother is running the show from behind the scenes. Entertaining enough and wonderfull graphics and set pieces as well as some top vocal talent from Robin Williams etc. UGC CinemasColour****

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Cool little horror movie about a guy who’s Dad was taken by the boogeyman when he was a kid. As he grows up the problems reappear as does the boogeyman. Many times! UGC CinemaColour****

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Harold & Kumar Get the Munchies

In the USA this was called Harold & Kumar go to White Castle, but no-one in the UK apparently know’s what White Castle is… It’s a mucho cool burger joint that serves delicious mini burgers and the two dudes get hungry and set off on a doped up road trip, riding cheatahs, hang gliding and […]

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