Road Movies

When on the road recently on a little European Tour I created some travel videos, or road movies, on the gear we managed to take with us. This wasn’t a lot, this footage was mostly shot in iPhone, some of the time lapse is done on the amazing little DJI Pocket Osmo but the cool […]

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A Quiet Sunday

For Christmas Anne bought me an art workshop doing Mosaic. I used to do a lot of mosaic stuff but not in recent years so this was a really cool idea and led to a very chilled out Sunday in February… The artist leading the workshop was Coralie Turpin ( who has some amazing work […]

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Nightmare in Abbeydale

I love horror movies. Not news to anyone who knows me! So, grabbed the opportunity to catch a couple of fun features in a creepy old victorian movie theatre that’s partially restored this last weekend. The double bill was called ‘Freddie vs Nancy’ and opened with the classic A Nightmare on Elm Street which was […]

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Meet Lucky

Earlier this year I asked Steve Evans from the amazing Beltona Resonators to create me a baritone uke I could use for bluesy type tunes… He came up with a beast, a larger cone and steel strings on a long scale baritone ukulele that had a real bark to it as well as the usual […]

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Yorkshire Music Forum

Had an interesting day working on the Yorkshire Music Forum Convention in Leeds the other week. It was a gathering of people from across Yorkshire and beyond to look at the developing areas and opportunities of the music business. There was some great seminars from PRS Foundation, a lively Brexit discussion and some good example […]

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Deepest Bavaria…

Well, we’ve been out and about recently and this weekend we we’re pleased to take part in the first ukulele festival in Obermomosen, which is in Bavaria, Germany. This was a really cool small festival in a rural town in Bavaria… lovely location! The venue was a cool old building, see pics and there was […]

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Andy Dan….

So a friend of mine called Andy Dan has sent me his new CD to have a listen to. First up – Andy is a great guy with a lovely family and plays the ukulele. However he has a cool solid body uke with hexaphonic pickups and drives samples and midi cues from it. This […]

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