Meet Lucky

Earlier this year I asked Steve Evans from the amazing Beltona Resonators to create me a baritone uke I could use for bluesy type tunes…

He came up with a beast, a larger cone and steel strings on a long scale baritone ukulele that had a real bark to it as well as the usual Beltona clean tones too.

This went on the road with us for a while and we recorded a tune with it too – however during a very long Welsh tour weekend during. the heatwave of the summer the heat fot to us and we came up with the crazy idea of adding a Bigsby tremolo system to it… it sounded a cool idea at the time.

Steve was very nice but told us to keep in the shade… but over the next week or two we researched and found the right tremolo system and also looked into where it could be fitted, the coverplate is carbon fibre and it can take the stress etc… so off it went back to Beltona HQ.

Not long after it was ready – and Lucky was born… it made it’s debut at Norwich Arts Centre for Uke East and was a wow. It’s so cool to play and creates a great sound.

It has two pickups fitted – a special cone pickup for the acoustic sound but we also added a humbucker during the second stage of it’s evolution whilst sorting the Bigsby – this is a real growler. I played both outputs into a vintage Trace Acoustic amp as seperate channels and then mixed them together to get the right tones.

I’m liking it LOL.

Pic by James Millar