I recorded this cheesy version of Nirvana’s Lithium as an entry in a kind of open mic session on Ukulele Cosmos where people record their own versions of a single song… Break out the crackers! (Pickle is optional).

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Blackpool Convention Filming

I’m filming lectures at this years Blackpool convention. It’s as busy as normal with people such as James Randi, David Blaine, loads of others. We are currently on a dangerous balcony in the pavillion theatre filming a show with top mentalists… I love typing that.

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Felt like a giant monster trashing the city but nobody knows why or where from hand held camera point of view movie this evening. What a good choice. Happy Valentines. BluRay Colour ****

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Friday 13th (2009)

Well I guess it was inevitable that during the feverish remake culture we¬†find ourselves in that Jason would eventually become a victim. So I headed along to the midnight showing to see how it turned out… I was surprised! It’s not a bad slasher flick, could be more inventive in it’s despatches like the original […]

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You know the rule about movies being based on video games always being pretty bad… Well this was ok. Agent 47 runs down corridors and shoots lots of people (like a video game!) but it’s a neat plot and was well directed. Liked his tattoo as well. Sky HD Colour ***

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