The Interpretor

Classy thriller about a UN interpreter who overhears a whispered death threat and then becomes a target herself. Nice pace, great acting and quality directing from Sydney Pollack. UGC CinemaColour****

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Alien vs. Predator

Nice Sunday afternoon stuff this. A team follows a tunnel under the arctic to an undiscovered pyramid that’s left over from some serious battling between the aliens and predators of the title. Paul Anderson does another good job here and it’s good to see the predators back again, although Lance Henriksen dies again, he should […]

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The Amityville Horror

Remake time again, but I remember reading the book of this as a kid and being scared silly. Also enjoyed the 1979 film but here it’s all a little funkier and modernised. There’s more jumps and shocks and even influences from recent japanese horrors make an entrance. It’s pretty good in places but the house […]

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