Road Trip

I love Tom Green and he’s great in this movie. This follows a dude’s rush across the country to rescue a tape that was sent by mistake to his girlfriend that is gonna be trouble if she see’s it…Car’s blow up, they get into all sorts of mess and Tom Green eats a mouse. Pretty […]

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Resident Evil: Apocalypse

This is a neat sequel (seen an odd number of good sequels recently…) which picks up exactly where the original leaves off. Basically we see how the Umbrella Corporation tries to cover up the action of the first movie and meet some new people, a great monster and loads and loads of zombies. Apparently they […]

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Ginger Snaps 2 – Unleashed

Watched this on Sky this evening as I really enjoyed the first Ginger Snaps movie back in 2000. It followed a girl who was slowly turning into a werewolf and this sequel follows her sister Brigitte as she tries to avoid the same fate as her sister… great sequel. SkyColour***

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Resident Evil

Time for this one again – Viruses and Zombies…This is one of the best movies based on a video game (not usually a great start – House of the Dead anyone?), I guess the main reason was that the game was actually scary too. This is a tight movie with a cool story about a […]

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Godzilla versus Hedorah

Following an email from George Dawn I dug this one out of the VHS archives!This is Godzilla versus the Smog Monster – an evil monster that feeds off the polution and smoke of Tokyo. It’s a classic and amusing movie – the Smog monster is a large grey blobby thing with evil red eyes. The […]

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Napoleon Dynamite

Cool movie about Napoleon, one of Idaho’s geekiest kids. He lives with a mad grandma and a 32 year old brother who spends ages on the net chatting to women… He juggles his bizarre family life with helping his mate to become class president. Great fun, some cringey moments and a hilarious final dance sequence… […]

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Jersey Girl

Ok. It’s taken a while to build up the courage to watch this Kevin Smith movie. Smith is an awesome writer and usually hilarious film maker so why the delay… J Lo. Basically the whole problem was with the Ben Affleck / Jennifer Lopez thing. This is the movie that there relationship started on. This […]

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