Double bill which starts off Day Four for Jack Bauer. He was only in CTU for 10mins before he sneaked into a holding room and shot some dude in the leg… maybe he needs a day off. Sky Colour ***


Meet the Fockers

Big budget follow up to Meet the Parents, which didn’t really end in a I-need-a-sequal kind of way. It’s a lot of jokes based on the surname as you’d expect, although the material is thin Hoffman and co deliver some amusing characters but it could have been better. UGC Cinema Colour ***

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Coool movie about small time criminals double crossing each other. Some great acting and a cool pace to it make this one worth checking out. There’s a little annoying plot detail, but generally a nice film. In Flight Movie (Back to the UK) Colour ****

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Watched this one whilst flying back to the UK. I am a big fan of the Luc Besson original (and it’s sequal) so was interested. It’s really bad – even the car chases don’t come close to the french sequences. I have no idea what they were thinking. Should have slept instead… In Flight Movie […]

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Band of Brothers

Wathced the pilot of this series during a power cut back in Nairobi, it wasn’t too bad. A little too american patrioticness around the edges and David Schwimmer was hilarious but apart from that I enjoyed it. Simon Pegg appeared delivering a letter which was a highlight too! Was gonna watch some more but the […]

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Just Cause

This was a fairly formulaic thriller with Sean Connery playing some lawyer turned lecturer. Follows story of a wrongly convicted killer on death row who asks for help… The alligators were good actors but the best thing about this is that we watched it on a laptop outdoor whilst staying in a place called Boma […]

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The Whole Nine Yards

Amusing comedy with Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis playing neurotic dentist and wanted hitman. Caught this again and really enjoyed it, it was just what was needed – lightweight and amusing. DVD R2 (Nairobi) Colour ***

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Italian Job

1969 classic version with Michael Caine. Wonderful crime caper following the gold robbery and ensuing car chase involving those Mini Coopers. Yeah… DVD R2 (Nairobi) Colour ****

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