Very cooool movie with Keanu as John Constantine, a kind of exorcist on steroids who uncovers an evil takeover of the world and kicks some demon ass etc etc even an angel. UGC CinemaColour****

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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie

Watched this one with Ben… it’s the movie version of the manga show based on the trading card game… phew.Basically one long duel that makes no sense to anyone who doesn’t understand the game but then that’s pretty much the point I guess! DVD2Colour**

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Cool little werewolf movie that far exceeded my expectations. A terrific early scene in a car park, the usual legend hokum and some great tongue in cheek acting made this modern spin on the genre entertaining whilst staying true to the classics.Nice party early on in benefit of the USA animal rights group PETA was […]

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Well, this is one of those products that does exactly what it says on the can. It follows a salvage crew who get mixed up in a civil war, a rescue mission, a search for a missing boat and a virus outbreak. It starts promising enough but soon slips into formula fare but it’s entertaining […]

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Ring Two

This is the US remake of the Japanese flick – I’ve got the japanese one on DVD but have yet to get around to watching it… I found this one ok, not as scary as the US Ring or Grudge seemed almost slow in places but it was all made up for by the way […]

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The Machinist

Slick thriller about a guy who hasn’t slept in a year.He thinks he sees a new guy at work, visits a cafe at the airport each night and has a girlfriend but the pieces slowly start to pull together to reveal the truth. Well acted by Christian Bale (skinniest part in a movie ever!) and […]

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