A Quiet Sunday

For Christmas Anne bought me an art workshop doing Mosaic. I used to do a lot of mosaic stuff but not in recent years so this was a really cool idea and led to a very chilled out Sunday in February… The artist leading the workshop was Coralie Turpin (https://coralieturpin.co.uk) who has some amazing work […]

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Meet Lucky

Earlier this year I asked Steve Evans from the amazing Beltona Resonators to create me a baritone uke I could use for bluesy type tunes… He came up with a beast, a larger cone and steel strings on a long scale baritone ukulele that had a real bark to it as well as the usual […]

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Deepest Bavaria…

Well, we’ve been out and about recently and this weekend we we’re pleased to take part in the first ukulele festival in Obermomosen, which is in Bavaria, Germany. This was a really cool small festival in a rural town in Bavaria… lovely location! The venue was a cool old building, see pics and there was […]

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Christmas Number 1 2009?

How cool would it be if RATM actually was the Christmas No. 1 – although both them and X Factor are on Sony I believe so Mr Cowell would get cash either way. But ya know… I won’t do what they tell me. Cool mash up video featuring the best of both worlds!

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I’m Your Man (flu)

Arrgggh. I’ve had this cough/sore throat/snot thing all week and it got really bad today so off to the Doctors… I have a test to see if you need to resort to professional medical help in these cases… it’s a simple one. If I can hit the low note in Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man” […]

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