Italian Job

1969 classic version with Michael Caine. Wonderful crime caper following the gold robbery and ensuing car chase involving those Mini Coopers. Yeah… DVD R2 (Nairobi) Colour ****

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Bridget Jones Diary

Ok. Watched this in Nairobi on a laptop with the other people in the guest house. Entertaining enough romcom following Bridget Jones as she falls in love etc. Has the usual ‘working title’ conventions such as christmas, awkward english types and of course Hugh Grant. DVD R2 (Nairobi) Colour ***

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Choice for in flight movies was thinning at this stage so I decided to watch this again. It’s a formula thriller plot with Kim Bassinger getting kidnapped and held in an attic. She finds an old phone that’s been smashed by her captors and by twisting the wires together she manages to make a phone […]

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Enduring Love

Following a ballooning accident, Jed begins stalking Joe, a lecturer who gets slowly drawn into a dark story of stalkers, guilt and in the end it turns into blood and tears as you’d expect. Well filmed and brooding with Rhys Ifhans as a particularly disturbing psycho. In flight Movie (on way to Kenya) Colour ***

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A bad night for Max the cab driver as he picks up Vincent who’s in town for a night of killing. Tense, real time style thriller from Michael Mann. Best quote from Max “You killed him!” Vincent replies “No, the bullets and the fall killed him…” In Flight Movie (on way to Kenya) Colour ****

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Cannibal! The Musical

All Singin’ All Dancin’ All Flesh Eatin’ fun. This is the first movie directed by Trey Parker (should be an official Trey Parker weekend), and released by the nice people at Troma. It was made whilst at college and follows the story of Alfred Packer, the colorado scout who confessed to eating five gold miners. […]

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