Arabs in the Midst

Attended this premiere of a documentary that explores the perceptions of Arab people in the UK. Made by a local guy, he travels around the country interviewing people about how they feel Arabs are potrayed etc as well as their feelings about being integrated or not into communities in the UK. It was an interesting […]

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Psycho 2

Norman is back.Ok it took 22 years before he was released and starred in this sequel but it was worth the wait. I remember going to the movies to see this in Bradford at the ABC and although it’s maybe not the best film in the world I love that house… Perkins is great as […]

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Halle Berry does Catwoman. This is an ‘origin’ movie that is a little different plotwise to the DC Comics versions but as an action movie is ok. There’s loads of CGI stuff and although the acting is a little hokey at times – this wasn’t as bad as I expected! Think comic book and it’s […]

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This is a great movie. It’s a kind of mid-life crisis road movie, with wine tasting.It’s one of those rare treats that’s a great movie and doesn’t pretend to be anything more than that. Well deserved of the recent Oscar nominations etc – let’s hope it does well… UGC CinemaColour*****.

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Murder by Numbers

Sandra Bullock stars as a hard nose detective in this formula crime thriller. I had seen the first half of this last year so was keen to catch the end (not that I couldn’t work it out!). It’s a genre movie that has a couple of smart (but annoying) teenagers who think they can plan […]

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But I’m a Cheerleader

John found this movie in the sale at WHSmith whilst we were doing the Costa Coffee thing and looking for stuff to spend Christmas Gift Vouchers on. The description made us both laugh so we got it. The plot follows a cheerleader who goes out with the quarterback from the football team at high school […]

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