Murder by Numbers

Sandra Bullock stars as a hard nose detective in this formula crime thriller. I had seen the first half of this last year so was keen to catch the end (not that I couldn’t work it out!). It’s a genre movie that has a couple of smart (but annoying) teenagers who think they can plan […]

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But I’m a Cheerleader

John found this movie in the sale at WHSmith whilst we were doing the Costa Coffee thing and looking for stuff to spend Christmas Gift Vouchers on. The description made us both laugh so we got it. The plot follows a cheerleader who goes out with the quarterback from the football team at high school […]

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The Girl Next Door

Not a bad teen comedy thing about a dude who falls for the girl next door only to discover that she’s an adult movie star. It’s actually better than it sounds… honest. DVD R2 Colour ***

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Godzilla’s Revenge

This is I believe 10th in the Godzilla series, and most would argue a lowpoint… although Ben & Jake loved it. The plot follows a little boy who is bullied and wishes he was on monster island. He visits the place in his dream and becomes friends with Godzilla’s Son who inspires him to be […]

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Ocean’s Twelve

The sequel to Ocean’s Eleven (which itself was a remake) comes with a stunning cast and crew, loads of gloss and some cool editing and production. It lacks however much of the charm of the earlier one. I found this a little annoying at times, there’s some good stuff in here but it doesn’t hold […]

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Assault on Precinct 13

Remake time here – this one is an update/reworking of the John Carpenter classic from 1976. I like the original so didn’t hold out much hope here. The plot has been developed more and wasn’t too bad, in fact it was tense in places – all in all it was good. The last scene which […]

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Joe Dante’s 1978 classic killer fish movie. Has a secret military base that have been breeding mutant piranha fish that are unwittingly let loose into the river network. Of course there are more people swimming and playing in the river that day than any other. I love these movies… DVD R2 Colour ***

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