Don’t Look Now

Classic 1973 thriller that starts with the drowning of a girl in a red coat. The film then follows the parents in Venice as they come to terms with the accident and start to see the girl around the city and other visions. The cinematography and mood is the best thing about this film. Along […]

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My Bloody Valentine 3D

Wahey! This movie seems to be doing well – this was my third time trying to get a ticket and it’s been sold out on the previous occasions. It’s pretty good – the body count is big at the start and the 3D is great. Not a bad remake of the old slasher flick after […]

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The Broken

Intriguing story set in London about a woman who sees herself drive by in her car and follows her… Doppelg√§ngers and broken mirrors galore! Cinema Colour *** ¬†

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Here’s a couple of tunes recorded via the iPhone at the pub tonight. We were messing about and trying the recording app (Griffin iTalk – Mucho impressed). The tunes are Soldiers Joy then the Trumpet Hornpipe (or Captain Pugwash!). It’s a little rough as it was getting late!

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John Frankenhiemer’s movie from 1966 where a secret organisation sell a new life to a bored businessman but things don’t go to plan. The cinematography is great in this film with some unusual angles and POV shots adding to the unsettling atmosphere. Another bold ending too! Sky B&W *****


The Mist

Been looking forward to seeing this for a while. Didn’t disappoint. Creepy mist engulfs a small town and a group of people are trapped in a store slowly losing it… Great movie and great ending. Looked great on BluRay too. BluRay Colour *****

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