Road Movies

When on the road recently on a little European Tour I created some travel videos, or road movies, on the gear we managed to take with us. This wasn’t a lot, this footage was mostly shot in iPhone, some of the time lapse is done on the amazing little DJI Pocket Osmo but the cool thing is they are all edited and uploaded direct from an iPad using the amazing LumaFusion app.

Here’s the first episode – Manchester to Graz in Austria!

Episode One – Austria Baby!
First Few Days of Austrian Ukulele Festival.
MainStage Timelapse on the Sunday.
Travel to Poznan, Poland.
Saturday at the Caly Poznan Ukulele Festival. DMU Time-lapse from Main Stage in Freedom Square.

Hope you like them, they were fun and fast to create – and editing on mobile is getting much easier as Lumafusion gets better…

Big thanks to the organisers of both of these spectacular festivals for inviting us and making us so welcome – check them out and make the effort to get to them, they are fine festivals!

Austrian Ukulele Festival

Caly Poznan Ukulele Festival