Dead Silence

Pretty creepy horror about ventriloquists dolls. You gotta admit they are scary things at times… This follows a series of gruesome murders and the link via an old lady who was a vent and her dolls. Kinda cool. Not too cheesy and with a really great twist at the end. Sky Player Colour ****

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Monsters vs Aliens 3D

Got to see this with Ben. Can’t go wrong with a monster movie in 3D really. It’s great. Good b movie style plot, fun characters and good gags as well as some of the most immersive 3D I’ve seen yet. Excellent. Cinema Colour 3D *****

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Paul Blart – Mall Cop

So we decided to go for comedy and chose Paul Blart. I enjoyed it, it had some laugh out loud moments and never tried to be more than it is. Kevin James makes me smile – but the worrying thing is that there’s another security guard comedy coming next month starring Seth Rogan – Observe […]

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Zoltan – Hound of Dracula

My dog is called Zoltan, after this movie. I saw it when I was a kid and loved it. It’s a hammer horror type from the late seventies that features a dog that used to belong to Dracula who is dug up and released by the Nazis and makes his way to America to hunt […]

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Kind of a Norman Bates snuff movie. Couple take short cut home at night (why oh why oh why) and end up at a creepy motel with really good CCTV. Was jumpy and a pretty effective thriller. Sky HD Colour ****

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Better Off Dead

I must have seen this movie over 100 times. No, really. I had two ex-rental copies on VHS in case one wore out and now on DVD… It’s pure 80’s and still one of the funniest films to date… Quality one liners and hilarious characters. “Gee Ricky, I’m really sorry you’re Mum blew up” DVD […]

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