I’m Your Man (flu)

Arrgggh. I’ve had this cough/sore throat/snot thing all week and it got really bad today so off to the Doctors…

I have a test to see if you need to resort to professional medical help in these cases… it’s a simple one. If I can hit the low note in Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man” then I need to go to the doctors.

So, off I went and to prove it I recorded this little version of the song whilst I can sing that low. Won’t last long.

Used my stylophone too!

One thought on “I’m Your Man (flu)

  1. Dear Tim

    An excellent take on the king of glum. Can I request a version of ” First we take Manhatten”

    “and I thank you for those items that you sent me.
    The monkey and the plywood ukelele”

    Have been reading Lorca’s poetry, on which Cohen based ” Take this Waltz”. Which I think gives you an idea of what a fast and fun-filled life I’m living at the moment.

    Hope to see you for coffee on Sunday



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