A Quiet Sunday

For Christmas Anne bought me an art workshop doing Mosaic. I used to do a lot of mosaic stuff but not in recent years so this was a really cool idea and led to a very chilled out Sunday in February… The artist leading the workshop was Coralie Turpin (https://coralieturpin.co.uk) who has some amazing work […]

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I’m Your Man (flu)

Arrgggh. I’ve had this cough/sore throat/snot thing all week and it got really bad today so off to the Doctors… I have a test to see if you need to resort to professional medical help in these cases… it’s a simple one. If I can hit the low note in Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man” […]

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Ukey Travels

I like my Risa, it fits in my bag with no hassle and is kinda bulletproof and handy for a spot of emergency strumming. This time in Portsmouth before the Redtooth Poker South England regional final.

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