I Spit on Your Grave

Yikes. Video Nasty time – I was interested in seeing if this was as shocking as it was when I saw it back in the early eighties. Also known as Day of the Woman this was a really notorious movie that fell foul of the whole video nasty thing at that time. I was trying to work out what was more shocking, the film or the fact that it was not that different from some stuff I’d seen on TV the other week… probably the latter! There’s some strong stuff in there still, don’t get me wrong this is not for everyone, but it’s scary how strong some TV drama is these days and I guess that’s scarier than this movie!

DVD Region 2



One thought on “I Spit on Your Grave

  1. I have to admit not quite the “video nasty” I was expecting, and tame by some of todays film making effects – however what I did find shocking was the rape sequence, not that it was graphic but it lasted for maybe 30 minutes, I doubt any film made today would get a release for such a prolonged and torturous event. Not too surprising then that the victim goes on to reap revenge in the manners which she does – the one in the bath will make any man squirm!!

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