The Wolf Man

Oh Larry, Larry, Larry…

“Wolves, Gypsies, Murder – what is all this?”

I love classic universal movies like this one. Made in 1941 starring Lon Chaney Jr as Larry/The Wolf Man as well as Claude Rains and also Bela Lugosi. It’s a great film full of atmosphere – Jake and I were most impressed with the original transformation where Larry puts on a shirt before he goes out!

Awesome stuff.

DVD Region 2

Black & White


One thought on “The Wolf Man

  1. Recently read an article that Universal’s monsters were coded references to society’s attitudes to homosexuality. (Director James Whales’ sympathy for “un-natural creatures”)
    Frankensteins monster can claim – “My father made me a homosexual”
    I therefore put forward the theory that the werewolf represents the “Butch” or “Leather boy”, who would always put on his special shirt for a night out.
    Does this make him the original “Hairy Mary”?

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