Con Air

Caught this on tv, not seen it since the cinema and it was as over the top as I remember! The most impressive part of the whole gig is how John Cusack manages to save the day whilst wearing really bad sandals… and socks. TV | Colour | ***

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Just Friends

Entertaining enough light comedy in which a guy who is ‘just friends’ with the girl of his dreams in high school meets up with her again 10 years later. Some laugh out loud moments and the ‘forgiveness’ song in the end credits is cool. Cineworld | Colour | ***

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Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi

Jay and Silent Bob go Canadian eh?Nice three part story arc from the Canadian teen drama DeGrassi High the Next Generation which features Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. I was surprised how good the DeGrassi show was and the guest start stuff was great as normal. Snoobies! DVD1 | Colour | ***

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Caught up (with John) on three episodes of this coolio TV Sci-Fi. It’s shaping up well, with some neat characters and well written storylines. Fun. Sky | Colour | ***

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Planet of the Apes

Yeah. Following the Planet of the Apes sight gag in Spaceballs it seemed a good idea to dig out the DVD’s and head back to 1968 to join Charlton and his buddies in this classic SciFi. It’s lost none of it’s impact, in face it’s a lot better than I remember it! DVD2 | Colour […]

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