Dead Silence

Pretty creepy horror about ventriloquists dolls. You gotta admit they are scary things at times… This follows a series of gruesome murders and the link via an old lady who was a vent and her dolls. Kinda cool. Not too cheesy and with a really great twist at the end. Sky Player Colour ****

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Monsters vs Aliens 3D

Got to see this with Ben. Can’t go wrong with a monster movie in 3D really. It’s great. Good b movie style plot, fun characters and good gags as well as some of the most immersive 3D I’ve seen yet. Excellent. Cinema Colour 3D *****

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Paul Blart – Mall Cop

So we decided to go for comedy and chose Paul Blart. I enjoyed it, it had some laugh out loud moments and never tried to be more than it is. Kevin James makes me smile – but the worrying thing is that there’s another security guard comedy coming next month starring Seth Rogan – Observe […]

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Zoltan – Hound of Dracula

My dog is called Zoltan, after this movie. I saw it when I was a kid and loved it. It’s a hammer horror type from the late seventies that features a dog that used to belong to Dracula who is dug up and released by the Nazis and makes his way to America to hunt […]

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Kind of a Norman Bates snuff movie. Couple take short cut home at night (why oh why oh why) and end up at a creepy motel with really good CCTV. Was jumpy and a pretty effective thriller. Sky HD Colour ****

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Hot Rod

Not heard of this till it showed up on Anytime TV last week. It’s a little disjointed but has some really funny moments, especially the stunts that go wrong and the longest fall I’ve seen in a movie for many a year! Sky HD Colour ***

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